PFM2-5 filter systems - unbeatably flexible, energy efficient, intelligent.

The new filter system is attractive thanks to its ability to be adjusted, its high energy efficieny and its process reliability.

High energy efficiency - process-related control of exhaustion volume:

  • Fans tailor-made to match the current cutting process and able to be upgraded in the future: You only consume as much power as is currently required for collecting the toxics.
  • Start-Stop-automation connected with the cnc control unit of the cutting machine: The fan only runs it the cutting machine works. This converts the power consumed by the filter to pure useful energy. This helps you achieve a clearly noticeable reduction of power consumption.
  • The different cutting processes have different requirements in terms of the extraction volume required. The filter system is technically designed for the cutting process with the highest standards, and the cutting machine controls the performance of the filter system according to the process. This means that you consume only as much energy as you require for the respective cutting process.

Modular design = flexibility and reduced investment costs per operating hour.
The basic structure of the filter system may be used again and again, which provides the sytems with a very long life span, and it may be flexibly adjusted again and again for new requirements. Used systems therefore retain their value, so you invest sustainably.

Your advantages at a glance:


  1. Unbeatable flexibility.
  2. Reduction of power consumption to useful energy.
  3. Grows along with your tasks in future by upgrade.
  4. Integrated, retrofit heat recovery system.
  5. Permanent reliability.


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