Cutting tables with changing grilles

Using tables systems with replaceable grilles
The decison for a table system with replaceable heads can be good because of different reasons:

  • Enclosing the cutting machine for radiation protection reasons (CO2-Laser, solid state laser)
  • Enclosing the cutting machine for noise protection reasons (high-amperage plasma cutting systems)
  • Availibility of fixed loading and unloading zones due to the flow of goods or for other reasons
  • Continued automation of the cutting process


System designs
The following basic system designs are available:

  1. Changeover of three cutting grilles between loading zone, cutting area and unlaoading zone.
  2. Changeover of two cutting grilles between cutting area and a combined loading/unloading zone.
  3. Changeover of one cutting grille between cutting area and a combined loading/unloading zone.

Which system design is most useful depends on the manufacturing processes and goods flows of the customer. It is also possible to select the degree of automation for each unit individually. This makes it equally possible to link the table system with replaceable heads to the controller of the cutting system as it is possible to operate the system manually.

Modular concept

You can select individually from the different slag disposal systems (trays, scraper conveyors, vibrating conveyors), cutting grilles (various flat bar units, disposable cutting grilles, point shaped units, etc.) and flap controllers (ball valves, potential-free contacts, CNC controllers, laser controllers).


This "modular concept" means, that each customer gets a system which is completely tailored to its processes, including the provision of regular technical servicing.