Water cutting tables

... for underwater plasma cutting with variable water levels


Our water cutting tables comprise the following elements:

  • Outer water tab
  • Air bells
  • Automatic level control for raising and lowering of the water level
  • Slag trays
  • Support frames 
  • Cutting grilles

How it works
The water level is controlled with compressed air by integrated air bells. The water level in the tub can be raised or lowered within a minimum of time using the level control. Manual level control is fitted as standard design, through which the machine operator raises or drops the water level by using a control button. This can be integrated into the cutting machine control panel.
Alternatively, we are also offering a fully automatic control system, using which the required water levels can be pre-programmed.
Cutting grilles
Cutting grilles with a 70 x 5 mm or a 100 x 8 mm flat bars are fitted as standard.
Dual cutting areas
If the customer wants to include stacking into the cutting process, the selected table size must be twice the length of that of the metal sheets. A bulkhead divides the water cutting table into two cutting areas, in which the water levels can be set independently of each other.
Slag removal
Slag ist captured in slag trays. Once the water level has dropped, the units must be removed. After this, the slag trays can simply be removed from the table and emptied by using an crane.