BEUTING Brennschneidtisch als „schwere Ausführung“

  • for gas cutting of sheets exceeding 200 mm in thickness
  • for plasma cutting at 500 A or more

These cutting processes are particularly demanding for our thermal cutting tables:

The exhaustion channels must be protected from the high temperatures. At the same time, we use thicker sheets to form the slag trays and baffle plates, so that these are not deformed by the effect of the heat.

If necessary, higher material densities are used for the external construction and for separating walls, in order to minimize the risk of damaging the heavy metal plates to be cut, as well as to increase the load-bearing capacity of the cutting table.

The performance of the cutting grid depends on the cutting procedure used and the components to be cut. We select a cutting grid for each individual application, or if necessary, offer a specialized solution.