BEUTING cutting tables for export

Our thermal cutting tables are exportable! For this, all assembly components are delivered in single units, and the exhaustion channel is pre-assembled in our manufacturing plant. Our thermal cutting tables of all sizes can thus be transported on standard HGVs, as well as in standard shipping containers.

The cutting tables can then very easily be assembled on site by technicians with no prior training, by simply screwing the individual components together. We provide assembly instructions and drawings in the respective client country's language. 
If necessary, the client can also prepare the cutting grid himself. We would be happy to provide instructions for this preparation process.
The advantages of this form of delivery are obvious: Transport volumes can be substantially reduced, and freight costs can thus also be minimized, especially over longer distances. 
The delivery of a thermal cutting table as an "assembly kit" is also beneficial to customers who wish to set up the cutting table at least partially by themselves. This incurs neither a loss of quality, nor any loss of warranty coverage.