Cutting grids

Our cutting grids consist of a support frame and the interchangeable cutting support (a consumer component). In this way, when emptying the slag trays, the entire cutting grid can be gently removed from the table in partial segments, by the aid of a crane. We offer different cutting units for different applications:


Flat bar support, 80 x 5 mm
This cutting unit is used for plasma cutting of up to 360 A, installed as standard design.
The distance of the cutting arms must be low enough that even the smallest pieces
will remain on the grid. On the other hand, the distance of the of the cutting arms must
be high enough to permit a reasonable lifespan.


Flat bar support, 100 x 8 mm
We recommend the use of this cutting support for combined plasma / gas cutting units and pure gas cutting units, which are used on a regular basis to cut thicknesses of up to 200 mm. 


Pinhole cutting suppor, 100 x 3 mm at a distance of 50 mm 
This cutting support was specially developd for laser cutting, and is also suitable for 3D laser cutting. 


Pinhole special support 
This special cutting support is available for sheet thicknesses exceeding 200 mm wich are normally cut with gas processes, as well as for plasma cutting of 500 A and more. 


One-way cutting grid 
This cutting grid is a cost-effective cutting grid with a 80 x 5 mm flat bar support with a clearance of 75 mm. After wearing by cutting, this cutting grid can be completely replaced and must not be cleaned. The support frames for a new cutting grid are tailored to ongoing production from oddments. Usually, we provide our customers with drawings so that they are able to prepare cutting grids by themselves.


These are examples for cutting units, which we are offering as standard versions for the above mentioned cutting methods. However, we are also offering other alternatives for special customer requirements. Especially when the customer already has many years' successful experience with a special cutting grid we would be glad to fill this request.