Exhaustion control

Our thermal cutting tables are all fitted with pneumatic cylinders which open the exhaustion
flaps in the exhaustion channel at the position of the cutting machine, whereas all other flaps are closed, so that only a single chamber is exhausted at nearly any time. Except when the cutting machine moves from one chamber to another, both exhaustion chambers are opened.
We have different types of controllers for the control of the pneumatic cylinder in our program:

Ball valves
The control by ball valves is fitted as standard, as this is also the most favourable option. The valves get used by a so-called “sled”, which is mounted on the machine. When the machine proceeds, the valves get back to their original position.

Potential-free contacts
The valves get operated contact-free by a so-called "sled" which is mounted on the machine. The flaps get opened by the valves at the cutting position and closed when the machine

CNC control
The valves get operated by the CNC control of the cutting machine. For this control a comprised air connection of at least 5 bar is essential.


CNC control by laser
This CNC controller works independently of the cutting machine controller, meaning that it can be adapted without interface issues. The controller detects the position of the cutting machine via a laser range finder. The laser controller is individually programmable, adapted to the cutting speed, allowing the programmes to be saved and called back up again later.