Exhaustion channels

For widths of up to 3100 mm, our thermal cutting tables generally have a single- sided exhaustion channel . From widths of 3600 mm upwards, double-sided exhaustion channels are required to ensure an adequate exhaustion of the table.

We therefore offer the following different exhaustion channels:

Partially integrated exhaustion channel (IAK type)

The partially integrated exhaustion channel is our standard design which is installed in over 90% of all applications. The exhaustion channel does not run completely under the
cutting surface, therefore it is not fully exposed to the heat which come into being during the cutting process. Spatial requirements in terms of width are only slightly larger than
for fully integrated exhaustion channels. Most cutting gantries offer sufficient space for this kind of exhaustion.


External exhaustion channel (AK type)
We use these exhaustion channel whenever extreme heat is generated during the cutting
process, such as during gas cutting of very high-density sheets with multiple burners,
or also in plasma cutting with more than 500 A.


Integrated exhaustion channel (IK type)
The only advantage of integrated exhaustion channels is that the channel does not affect the overall width of the cutting table. Therefore, we only use this type of channel in installations in which is insufficient space beneath the cutting gantry, and even then only if the heat generated by the cutting process allows this.