BEUTING thermal cutting tables - 10 features

Modular construction
Our cutting tables are always assembled from completely identical components. This allows us to create almost any size of table. The design also offers advantages in terms of application range, especially in demanding cutting processes. Moreover, our cutting tables can be lengthened without any problems at a later point in time.

Flow optimized exhaustion channels

Our exhaustion channels are constructed in a way, that an air volume as large as possible can flow at high speed without resistance.

Large, tight-fitting exhaustion flaps
The large flaps allow the flow of large air volumes for high exhaustion performance, while also simul-taneously the pressure loss over the thermal cutting table gets reduced to a minimum due to the tight fit of the flaps.
Pneumatic control
The ventilations flaps open and close rapidly because of their pneumatic controls, which is essential for high cutting speeds.
500 mm ventilation segments
A segment width of 500 mm has proven suitable for more than 95 % of all applications for which we have designed cutting tables over the last 15 years. 
Deep slag trays or conveyor system
Each ventilation segment is fitted with a slag tray (two trays for broad tables). These deep trays can hold a relatively large amount of slag and can be easily removed from the table with the help of a crane. As an alternative to the slag trays, we also offer automatic slag conveyor systems.
Minimal pressure loss
The fact that our tables suffer only minimal pressure loss is the reason for that nearly the whole output of the fan is focussed at the burner head.
Cutting grids tailored to the cutting processes
A cutting grid which is ideal for all shaping und cutting processes does not exist. We offer different cutting grids for different applications, which provide a wide an application spectrum as possible for each process.
High load-bearing capacity
The standard version of our cutting table is designed for sheets up to 200 mm thickness. We offer heavy duty versions for sheets up to 400 mm thickness.
Standard design with customer-specific details
The different equipment options for our standard tables cover a broad spectrum of our customers' desires. Nevertheless, if a customer's requirement remains unmet, we would be glad to meet this with specialized table designs.
Furthermore, as there is room for improvement with every new customer, we are continuously developing new thermal cutting tables. Demand us! The more we know about your requirements, the better the service we can provide to you.