BT500 Cutting table

Low-price, reliable exhaustion table. This standard cutting table with segment exhaustion ist attractive thanks to its diversity and its good hazardous material collection at relatively low energy cost.


GFT500 Belt conveyor table

Energy-efficient all-rounder.

This clever cutting table with segment exhaustion ist attractive thanks to its universal application, its reliability and its heigh energy efficiency.

SFT500 Vibration conveyor table

Clever conveyor table for small parts.
This table with segment exhaustion is attractive thanks to its intelligent conveyor system, which is especially well-suited to small parts and which is easily able to be integrated with comlex systems.

Filtersystem PFM3-5

Modular, sustainalbe filter system.
This new filter sytems is convincing thanks to its adaptability, its efficiency and its process reliability.


WT+WFT-A Water cutting table

Energy-efficient cutting table for above-water cutting.
Oxyfuel cutting above water is unbeatable in terms of energy efficiency, and it is well-suited to cutting extremely thick plates.


WTS Shuttle table system

Automation solution for cutting tables.
Standard solution for fiber laser with laser housing, in automation projects multilateral applicable.


WT+WFT-U Water cutting table.

Environmentally friendly cutting table for underwater cutting.
Plasma cutting below the water surface is one of the most environmentally friendly cutting processes in terms of noise reduction, radiation protection and collection of hazardous materials.

KFT500 Scraper conveyor table

Robust slag scraper.
While producing large cuts with great a quantity of slag, this conveyor table with segment exhaustion stands the test.