Plasma cutting machines

Plasma technology has made great progress in recent years. The cutting qualities are very close to those of laser cutters and at considerably lower costs from thickness ranges of approx. 15 mm. Furthermore, up to approx. 40 mm the productivity with plasma cutting is higher than with gas cutting due to the faster cutting speeds.

Our cutting machines are state-of-the-art. The maximum cutting area is 6000 x 20000 mm. We cut on 2 machines with up to 260 A and 2 heads. 

With a infinitely rotating 3D bevel cutting head we are also able to directly apply difficult welding bevels on one system in a single working process. Possible bevels according to DIN EN ISO 9692-2 are V-seams, Y-seams, D-V-seams and D-HV-seams.
We cut sheets of various products in material thicknesses of between 2 and 45 mm. 
Centre punches and/or plasma markers enable the marking of drill holes and lines.


  • Messer OmniMat® blade with two vertical burners with up to 260 amperes (approx. 45 mm), cutting area 6100 x 20100 mm, gas cutting up to 200 mm.
  • Messer OminiMat® wirh infinitely rotating 3D bevel unit (skew rotator) up to 260 amperes, cutting area 6100 x 16100 mm.

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