Our involvement in networks

Involvement and communication within the social and commercial spheres are very important to us. That is why we actively participate in various networks:


  • AIW Aktive Unternehmen im Westmünsterland e.V. (Active Companies in Westmuensterland)
    Representation of the interests of member companies in the region.
  • Netzwerk Westmünsterland e.V. (Westmuensterland Network)

    Founded on 01/12/06, the association has the goal of promoting a culture of learning and cooperation in Westmuensterland. The productive capacity of Westmuensterland should be strengthened first and foremost in the area of education and "lifelong learning".
  • Family Success Factor Network of Companies

    The network is a common initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs and the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce. The network is a central platform for companies interested in or already committed to a family-conscious personnel policy.
  • VdlB Verband deutscher Laseranwender und Blechbearbeiter e.V. (Association of German Laser Users and Metalworkers)

    Network of like-minded companies within a sector.
  • Muenster Chamber of Crafts

    As a self-administering trade organisation in the form of a corporation under public law, the Muenster Chamber of Crafts promotes the interests of member companies and their employees. In addition, the chamber has a wide offering of information, consultation and continuing education.
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