Vreden is our home

Vreden in the district of Borken in western Münsterland (north Germany) is the location of our company. In western Münsterland, characterised by traditional agriculture, Vreden has developed since the 1970's and 1980's into an attractive location for industry, due to consistent commercial commitment supported by economically beneficial local policies.

It is also still home to traditional handicraft sectors such as carpentry, forging and basket weaving. These are supplemented by powerful trade companies, some of which are of interregional significance. The construction and ancillary building trades are of particular importance due to the thriving construction activities. 

However, secisive for the economic structure are industrial companies from a wide range of sectors: Jewellery industry, graphics segment, wood and plastics processing, steel, machinery and vehicle construction, textile and clothing sector and paper production. The focus here lies clearly on medium-sized companies.
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