Metal is our competence, flexibility and reliability are our strengths!

Our company philosophy describes the character of our company. It is the guideline for the actions of our entire team and is intended to clarify our environment, how we deal with one another and what can be expected from us.

We want to serve our customers by

  • supporting their working processes with products and services of exceptional quality and
  • delivering them services efficiently and competently.

In doing so we are always one step ahead of the competition, in particular with respect to flexibility. As a family company we work with a high level of identification for the continued success of our company.
We undertake to maintain a fair partnership with our environment.

The customer is our focus

  • We want to understand the business of our customers.
  • We want to meet the expectations of our customers and even exceed them.
  • The ability to react rapidly to requirements and changes constitutes a foundation for our success.
  • We develop fair, trusting and honest partnerships.
  • Our products and services are responses to the demands of our customers.


Our values

  • We wish to be independent, in order to shape our future for ourselves. From profit we wish to gain the financial strength with which to further expand on growth.
  • We set ourselves ambitious goals and plan our future. We constantly tackle our goals in the present. The entire team knows the company targets and the partial goals derived from these. The degree of target success is traceable for every employee.
  • We promote the contribution of every individual to the shaping of work. Everyone is open to the suggestions of others. Each individual bears responsibility for the results of their work and acts with the same level of care when handling the company's assets as they would when handling their own. The employees are participants in the company's success.
  • We do not make concessions when it comes to our product quality. Our fundamental aim is to deliver the right level of quality immediately. Orderliness and cleanliness in the workplace is an indispensible standard here.
    We mean what we say.
  • We are reliable and predictable.


We grasp mutual opportunities

  • Our production equipment corresponds with state-of-the-art technology.
  • The constant improvement of our processes is part of our daily business.
  • We further develop our products and services constantly, to the benefit of our customers.
  • We are always offering new products and services in the existing business areas.
  • We require first-class skills and technologies in all areas of the company. We measure ourselves against the best in the industry.

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