BT500 Cutting table

This standard cutting table with segment exhaustion is attractive thanks to its diversity and its good hazardous material collection at relatively low energy cost. Standard components and their variations are the building block sytem form which we compose the optimum cutting table for your cutting tasks.

"Simply cut safely."

Let's play it safe: efficient collection of toxics.
By dividing the cutting table into exhaustion segments, the full exhaustion power is concentrated on the cutting position and therefore on the source of toxics production.

Flow-optimized exhaustion channels at one or both sides of the table with a large cross-section and tightly sealing exhaustion flaps reduce the loss of pressure to the minimum. The smoke and gases resulting during thermal separation is therefore collected optimally, even if the cutting table is not completely occupied. The energy consumption is also relatively low.

Optimal plate support.
You select between numerous different cutting grids for the best variation for you process: point-shaped, straight, bow-shaped, reusable or disposable grids; the options are so diverse as the possibilities of your own tasks.

Safe slag collection and disposal.
During plasma cutting and oxy-fuel cutting, large quantities of slag result, which are collected in the deep slag trays underneath the cutting grid. Emptying is made easy with the help of an overhead crane.

Your advantages at a glance:

  1. Low investment costs.

  2. Very good hazardous material collection.

  3. Relatively low energy cost.

  4. Especially easy to operate.

  5. Quickly and easily installed.

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