SFT500 Vibration conveyor table - a clever conveyor table for small parts.

This cutting table with segment exhaustion is attractive thanks to its ingelligent conveyor system, which is especially well-suited to small parts and which is also easily able to be integrated with complex automation systems. The cutting slag and small parts resulting during the cutting process fall onto the chutes on the base of the cutting table and are conveyed via controlled vibrations out of the table in an oderly way.

"Transport small pieces, bridge distances."

Your parts vibrate automatically out of the table.
No need to worry any more that small parts will fall through the grid and that they will not able to be found. The vibration conveyor table automatically return them to you, clean and undamaged. At the same time, resulting cutting slag is conveyed out automatically.

Attractive solution for laser cutting systems.
Du to frequently cut small parts and the relatively low resulting cutting slag, the vibration conveyor table ist the ideal cutting table for your laser cutting machine. It is also suitable for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, however in this case, other conveyor tables that may better-suited should also be considered.

Increase your productivity, avoid costs.
Machine downtimes required for finding small parts and disposing of slag are omitted, your employees are spared this unpleasant and dirty tasks. Missing parts do not need to be re-cut, production areas remain clean, and cleaning costs are kept very low.

Yor parts reach their goal.
Vibration conveyor systems are easy to integrate with automation solutions.

Your advantages at a glance:


  1. Low cleaning costs.
  2. Increased productivity of the cutting machine.
  3. Well-suited to automation solutions.
  4. Orderly transport of clean small pieces.

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